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Sunny Florida has sufficient sunshine to power 20 million homes. Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) when campaigning vowed to create 700,000 jobs. Upon election, he axed programs that centered on renewable energy. The Sunshine State now ranks dead last in creating green jobs.  That’s right, it ranks 50th. (Vermont is #1).

Former Pres. Bill Clinton recently spoke of cloudy Germany employing 300,000 workers in the renewable energy sector. That nation aims to retire coal burning and nuclear power plants (as will Japan).

Correlated to population, America could create one million green collar jobs by echoing Germany, and other EU countries.  Even China is ahead of America in energy efficiency.

Another one million jobs would be created when America adopts Cap and Trade legislation to thermally upgrade existing structures at no up front costs to qualified property owners, as well as “Solarizes America on the Cheap” via a LEED rated composite developed in America that also serves as a permanent hurricane resistant roofing combined with thermal properties that echo NASA Space Shuttle tiles.

America once led the world in innovation. Today, vested interests rule America. Romney/Ryan and the Koch brothers will kill, not create green tech jobs.

In 2011, the average U.S. household spent $7000 for energy and gasoline, A house that energizes itself and a form of transportation saves $839,365 in the course of a 30 year mortgage when compounded. America can not perpetuate what we know does not work in the 21st century.

The collective technology to cost effectively arrive at this standard date in principle to the 1930′s Usonian concept of architect Frank Lloyd Wright who stated “Form and function must be joined as one in a spiritual union…harmonizing with Nature”.

Mr. Wright also said “There’s nothing more uncommon than common sense.” 

Americans should rethink voting along party lines. The public good, values that benefit society and the environment along with  jobs in tune with the times will make a positive difference.

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