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Anyone who installs a bathroom faucet, purchases a computer, acquires the latest video game console, enjoys high-speed Internet service, and/or is lucky enough to buy a new swimming pool or hot tub could save money on their utility bills if the California Energy Commission sets new energy-saving standards for these and 10 other products used in our homes and businesses.

Monday (July 29) was the deadline for interested parties to submit standards proposals for a total of 15 products that cumulatively could save Californians a whopping $1.2 billion annually on energy and conserve as much water as the residents of San Diego use in an entire year.

That’s pretty impressive. The pollution savings are inspiring, too: The Commission’s figures indicate that requiring all these products to use less electricity, alone, could avoid the need to build three medium-sized, 500-megawatt power plants.  

Instead of having our toilets and urinals flush away savings, and old-technology light bulbs convert most of the energy they use into heat instead of light, these and other products would be improved so they require less energy to do the same or a better job.

Every Californian would benefit from these new standards directly and/or indirectly. Not only will they save money for utility bill payers, they’ll help cut the power-plant pollution that endangers our children’s health and turbocharges the increasingly extreme weather events we’ve experienced so many of in recent years.

For all these reasons, as an active participant in the standards creation and review process — NRDC is among the utilities, manufacturers, and other parties submitting standards proposals for each of the products. The California Energy Commission will review the submissions as it considers whether to establish improved efficiency standards which could become effective as early as 2015 for the 15 consumer electronics, lighting, water devices, and “miscellaneous” appliances

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