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Solar energy has already taken the world by storm, since the movement for more sustainable energy began. With more companies wanting to go green, solar energy is now one form of sustainable energy to be considered to eventually replace fossil fuel energies like coal and oil.

Fortunately, countries like the Netherlands are hard at work in developing and operating solar panels in the form of farms and projects. As we will see in this comprehensive overview, solar farms and projects will contribute to solar energy initiatives in the Netherlands. 

At first glance of Dutch’s solar energy

The Netherlands has come to understand the capability of solar energy when it comes to consumer usage, businesses, and so on. How? By investing in initiatives that tailor to making large ground-mounted and greenfield facilities. Thus, there seemed to be an increase in projects like roof installations. 

Since the increase of interest in solar energy, more and more developers and assets owners have stepped onto the playing field by utilizing SDE+ subsidies. From there, larger field (and roof) projects have developed, thus increasing interest among consumers and investors alike. 

However, this trend in developing newer energy resources wasn’t realized overnight. In fact, this change was slow at the beginning. However, over the last few years, solar energy has paved the way for a Solar PV market that’s utility-based in the Netherlands. 

What our list includes?

Today, we will explore 20 of the most successful Dutch solar farms and projects to date. As we explore each, the following will be accounted for:

  • The name of the solar farm or project
  • Its location in the Netherlands
  • The size, or the number of megawatts (MW), of the solar farm or project
  • The company(ies) responsible for the solar farm or project
  • The funding for said solar farm or project, AND
  • The supplier(s) responsible for said farm or project

As you will see, in this overview, solar energy has taken root in the Netherlands, and has no plans of stopping its efforts anytime soon. Keep in mind that this compiled list does not go in a specific order, but rather than a glimpse of the many places and establishments that colorize the Dutch landscape:

  1. Budel
    1. Location: “Budel is located in Nyrstar Budel, which is in the Budel-Dorplein province of the Netherlands,” says Hugo Ding, a tech writer at Boomessays and Write my essay. “This metal supplier is one of many in the Netherlands that are dedicated to making solar power a reality, with currently 60 hectares covered, and having 155,000 solar panels.”
    2. Size: 43.8 MW
    3. Company: Statkraft
    4. Funding: Rabo & Crowd (a joint initiative between Rabobank and Nxchange) takes care of dept redemption, finances, loans, and bonds.
    5. Suppliers: Nyrstar Budel
  2. Shell Moerdijk
    1. Location: Moerdijk, Amsterdam, NL
    2. Size: 30.00 MW
    3. Company: Shell (Netherlands) – Shell also has ties to other countries such as the United States.
    4. Funding: Shell (international) financially supports this project.
    5. Suppliers: Shell Nederland Chemie BV’s products
  3. Groene Hoek
    1. Location: Hoofddorp, Maastricht, Limburg, NL
    2. Size: 15.00 MW
    3. Company: Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
    4. Funding: Funded with SDE+ subsidy grants
    5. Suppliers: SolarEnergyWorks
  1. Lange Runde
    1. Location: Emmen, NL
    2. Size: 14.00 MW
    3. Company: Statkraft – This is the same company responsible for Budel (as listed earlier).
    4. Funding: Statkraft Markets B.V.
    5. Suppliers: Belectric
  2. Scaldia
    1. Location: Borsele (Harbor area of Vlissingen, NL)
    2. Size: 54.50 MW
    3. Company: Solarpark Zeeland
    4. Funding: Palmetto
    5. Suppliers: ibV Energy Partners
  3. Andijk
    1. Location: Andijk Zuid, Medemblik, NL (a floating solar island archipelago)
    2. Size: 15.00 MW
    3. Company: Waterleidingbedrijf Noord-Holland (North Holland), NL – This is one of the first water facilities that dabbled in solar energy efforts.
    4. Funding: ChintSolar (with approval from the municipality of Medemblik)
    5. Suppliers: Floating Solar
  4. Veendam
    1. Location: Veendam, NL
    2. Size: 15.50 MW
    3. Company: ChintSolar
    4. Funding: Goldbeck Solar
    5. Suppliers: Astronergy (a Tier 1 module supplier)
  1. Zonnepark Avri Solar
    1. Location: Geldermalsen, NL
    2. Size: 9.30 MW
    3. Company: Solarfields
    4. Funding: This solar park was crowdfunded.
    5. Suppliers: Supplies for this solar park were made possible through crowdfunding efforts.
  2. Zonnepark Woldjerspoor
    1. Location: Groningen, NL
    2. Size: 12.00 MW
    3. Company: This project was a collaboration between Afvalbeheer Region Central Groningen – Groningen (province) and GroenLeven.
    4. Funding: Consolidated Financial Statements provided by BayWa AG
    5. Suppliers: GroenLeven
  3. Solar Campus Purmerend
    1. Location: “Purmerend is dedicated to being one of the leading pioneers of solar energy in the Netherlands,” says Eve Kaylock, a tech blogger at Paper Fellows and State of writing. “The Campus currently has acres of land reserved for panels in Westerweg 79, which isn’t far from the installation company, Duurzaam Aannieuw in Noord-Holland, or North Holland.”
    2. Size: 5.60 MW
    3. Company: Solar Campus Purmerend
    4. Funding: Alleco Solar Energy BV
    5. Suppliers: A large variety of suppliers contribute to this ongoing project.
  4. Tesla Factory Tilburg
    1. Location: Tilburg, NL
    2. Size: 3.40 MW
    3. Company: Tesla Tilburg Service Center (Tesla, Inc.) – Tesla also has ties with countries like the United States.
    4. Funding: Tesla Motors
    5. Suppliers: The solar plant has several suppliers spread across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  5. Sunport Delfzijl
    1. Location: Delfzijl, NL
    2. Size: 30.00 MW – In 2017, Sunport Delfzijl was named the largest solar park in the Netherlands, before Scaldia earned that distinction.
    3. Company: Google (formerly owned by Eneco) – As a result of a partnership between Google and Eneco, Google is the current owner of this solar project.
    4. Funding: The solar park’s current acquirer and backer is Wirsol Solar.
    5. Suppliers: Google
  6. Rhenus Contract Logistics
    1. Location: Eindhoven, NL
    2. Size: 4.50 MW
    3. Company: Rhenus
    4. Funding: Funded by the Stimulering Duurzame Energieproductie SDE+ (Encouraging Sustainable Energy Production) grant
    5. Suppliers: The Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with global business operations, and over 580 locations worldwide. Its areas, including Contract Logistics, Freight Logistics and Port Logistics, manage the supply chains.
  7. Royal Dekker
    1. Location: Over 26 locations in the Netherlands, including its base in The Hague
    2. Size: 9.30 MW
    3. Company: Royal Dekker
    4. Funding: SunEdison provided R1. 8 billion in funding for this project
    5. Suppliers: Kaco New Energy is responsible for providing the 140 decentralized string inverters for Royal Dekker to feed its solar power into their building’s electricity network.
  1. Heineken
    1. Location: Zoeterwoude, NL; as well as other locations including Oss, Drachten, Etten-Leur, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Heerlen, Houten, en Deventer
    2. Size: 3.00 MW
    3. Company: Heineken (Netherlands) – Heineken also has ties to countries like the United States.
    4. Funding: The brewing company of the same name is backing this solar project in the hopes of making their brew with 100% solar energy.
    5. Suppliers: Iberdrola (an energy supplier)
  2. Wehkamp
    1. Location: Zwolle, Maurik, NL
    2. Size: 2.50 MW
    3. Company: Wehkamp LSC Maurik
    4. Funding: This solar park had received funding from Crunchbase, along with other backers like Tinka (a fintech operator).
    5. Suppliers: Apax VIII (a distribution center)
  3. Venco Campus
    1. Location: Eersel, NL
    2. Size: 16.28 MW
    3. Company: Venco Group
    4. Funding: Nelnet is a leading investor in solar projects, including Venco Campus. This backer offers a tax equity co-investment platform and capabilities within solarized community and campus.
    5. Suppliers: The Vencomatic Group (a global supplier)
  4. ThyssenKrupp
    1. Location: Taylorweg 7, 5466 AE Veghel, NL
    2. Size: 15.00 MW
    3. Company: ThyssenKrupp (a company based in Germany)
    4. Funding: This project had raised a total of $1.7B in funding in over 2 rounds, according to Crunchybase.
    5. Suppliers: This project welcomed collaborations with high-performing suppliers that secured product innovation, enabled smart processes, and reduced material costs.
  5. Bunnik Plants
    1. Location: Bleiswijk, NL
    2. Size: 14.00 MW
    3. Company: Bunnik Plants
    4. Funding: Scaling Solar, dedicated to backing private power projects, including solar
    5. Suppliers: SunRay and SunPower
  6. IKEA
    1. Location: Zwolle, NL
    2. Size: 8.54 MW
    3. Company: IKEA/Ikaros Solar
    4. Funding: Partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation in a $1 billion initiative
    5. Suppliers: Svea Solar (the maker of IKEA’s solar panels)

Analysis of Dutch’s solar outlook

First, the companies that have risen from the woodwork to pioneer for solar energy is worth noting. This suggests that said companies have seen the potential of clean and green energy, and had investors on board with the concept. According to Invest In Holland, the Dutch acknowledged the 2019 Climate Agreement, which promised to invest in resources that would help the Netherlands make the transition to a more sustainable energy system, thus expecting to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by 55% by the year 2030.

Second, with more and more companies coming together to embrace solar energy, there have been collaborations (i.e. Google and Eneco) that have worked to ensure cleaner energy usage for the future. Even mergings are evident throughout these collaborations to strengthen missions to make the Netherlands greener with solar power.

Third, location is also key. As one might guess, solar energy is talked about and advocated in various parts of the Netherlands. While there is still more advocating to do, more and more companies are expected to join this movement in the coming years.

And finally, unique ideas have taken root within these growing and evolving initiatives in solar energy. One of the most notable examples of unique ideas sprouting from this movement is the so-called “floating island” in Andijk Zuid, Medemblik, NL. The idea is to build and place solar panels on a floating island, or an archipelago. While this idea might have some ramifications, due to its closeness to bodies of water, this idea stems from the fact that the solar panels are safe and won’t harm humans while being left to work its magic.


As you can see, the Dutch PV market has seen immense growth, thanks to the ever-growing movement in clean energy. Many Dutch companies have already invested in solar energy, and would like for consumers to get behind the idea of cleaner energy. All companies need is a plan that includes stages of development, governmental SDE+ subsidies, and the right tools. As solar energy increases in popularity, there would be more initiatives with working solutions. Only time will tell when clean energy sources like solar would be depended on in more places in the world, besides the Netherlands.

Christina Lee is a writer and editor at <a href="https://ukwritings.com/assignment-service">Assignment service</a> and Dissertation writing service . She is also a contributing writer for Oxessays . As a project manager, she oversees many projects in various companies nationwide. As a content writer, she writes articles about marketing trends and solar technologies.
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