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biggest solar projects in Mexico

Mexico has prioritized the implementation of solar panels in order to produce cleaner energy. There are several solar plants and solar projects located in Mexico. It’s vital to recognize the effort of plant workers in Central America. Due to the growing population in Central America, solar panel plants have been a huge advantage. This is because solar power is far more accessible and efficient than fossil fuels. Let’s analyze the 20 biggest solar plant projects (as well as other clean energy sources) that are currently taking place in Mexico and the rest of Central America.


The Xoxocolta was first constructed back in 2018. It is located in Morelos state, Mexico. By 2020, the project’s budget had increased. Owner of the plant, X-Elio secured loans from the corporation BID Invest, and received US$39.4 million. This project is predicted to be finished near the end of 2021. X-Elio is also financing two other solar plant projects as well. 

Mesa Morenos Project

This project revolves around wind energy rather than solar power. Construction took place between the years 2019 to 2021. The budget for this project was US$130 million. Each year this wind plant produces 215.000.000 kwh, and saves up to 70,000 tons of C02 emissions from being used. This project is quite successful, and is a huge step in the evolution of modern clean energy sources. 

Parque Solar Calera Plant

The Calera plant construction started in April of this year. The budget for the plant is USD$72.8 million. It is funded by two Japan owned facilities, Mitsui and Trina Solar. Parque Solar Calera Plant will produce 80MW of clean energy a year in the Mexico state known as Zacarecas. 

Sonora Plant

The Sonora Plant project is going to be a huge addition to the other solar power plants in Mexico. With a whopping budget of USD$100 million, the Sonora plant is expected to be an essential source of clean energy. Sonora borders Mexico and Arizona. The energy produced by this plant is almost directly going to the California Peninsula through transmission lines. The reason why this project is being brought to life is due to a few factors.

 Firstly, the National University of UNAM conducted studies in the area. Their results concluded that the Sonora area has the greatest potential for producing more solar energy than any other location in Mexico. This gem of information also informed researchers that a mere 1% of the land can be utilized to generate enough power for the entire country of Mexico. 

President Andres of Mexico states his view that the Sonora Plant project must be completed no later than 2024. He wants to achieve the government of Mexico’s goal to stick to a future of renewable energy sources, rather than harmful fossil fuels. 

Though many support this project, there are still individuals who doubt the success of the Sonora Plant. These doubters are not scientists, so there is no concrete argument against the potential of the plant. 

Villanueva Solar Park

This solar park is said to be one of the biggest solar projects in the world. Villanueva Solar Park is in Viesca, a state in Mexico. The facility behind the plant’s creation is Enel Green Power Mexico; it is also known as EGPM. Unlike the prior projects, the Villanueva Solar Park has a far more jaw-dropping budget. 

The estimated profits that went into the park’s construction are USD$710 million. The plant’s construction started in March of 2017, and was completed by 2018. Villanueva Solar Park is the biggest solar plant in Mexico. The park’s energy capacity totals out to 828MW. With 2.5 million solar panels that produce greater than 2,000 GWh of energy yearly, it’s safe to say this plant is a powerforce. 

San Luis Solar Plant

Here is yet another incredible solar plant located in Mexico. The San Luis Solar Plant is near the state of Zacatecas. The San Luis Solar Plant is able to give 150,000 homes power in a year. Another great feature of the plant is it’s yearly reduction of 600,000 tons of C02. 

Puerto Liberdad Solar Plant

This project also happens to be in the Sorona area. It’s one of the largest plants in Mexico. The plant covers 10km of land all because of the solar panels. The Puerto Libertad Solar Plant can reach a capacity of 405MW, which equates to a collective output of 963 GWh in a year. This plant also highly reduces carbon emissions. 

Done José

This plant is also a creation of EGPM. Enel has invested a shocking USD$220 million into the construction of the Done José power plant. The construction of the power plant began in 2018. The peak capacity of the Done José plant is 237MW. 

Aguascalientes Project

This project was funded by the Canadian Solar company. Their goal was to enter Mexico’s solar power market. There are no details regarding the budget and overall costs. The Canadian Solar company ended up selling this plant to the global investor BlackRock. The Aguascalientes plant produces a yearly sum of 145Wh. 

La Paz Solar Projects

La Paz, Mexico is a solar farming hotspot. The installation of solar panels known as “Aura Solar 1” is close to the La Paz airport. This solar farm amazingly can generate enough energy to cover approximately 62% of La Paz’s  power needs. This specific project is run by Aura Solar. The construction of the plant began all the way back in 2013. The cost to fulfill this creation is USD$110 million. Each panel alone is capable of producing 240W.

La Paz: Grupotec 1

Grupotec 1 is another solar project led by Aura Solar. It was built in 2015. It is said to cover the remaining power needed for La Paz.

Los Santos Solar Power 1 Project

This power plant was finished in 2015. This project was estimated to produce 40.1GWh during its first year. This energy is enough to power up to 5,838 homes. This plant was fortunately able to benefit 21,016 people. 

Nacaome-Valle Solar Park 

The Nacaome-Valle Solar plant is the third biggest solar park in Central America. It was finished in 2015, and was funded by private investors. It previously was the most efficient solar park in the world, but has been overtaken by the new project editions that are beginning to appear each year.

Salvadoran Providencia Project

This project is located in El Salvador. Construction began in 2017, and is EL Salvador’s first step in the solar power industry. It’s highest capacity is a lovely 101MW.

Mexican Solar Pipeline (16-17) 

The Mexican Solar Pipeline is going to create two plants: Solem 1 and Solem 2. The project is still under construction. This project is one of the largest being completed in Latin America. Together, the two plants cover 850ha. 

Solem 1

The construction of Solem 1 began in 2018. It produces 180 MWp.

Solem 2

The construction of Solem 2 began in 2019. It produces 168 MWp.

These are the current and upcoming solar plants in both Mexico and Central America. Besides the plants there are also other clean energy advancements that Mexico is focusing on. Mexico is taking advantage of the sun belt, their geothermal revival, and wind energy to reach a more environmentally friendly future.

Mexico’s Solar Power Success and Beyond

One thing’s for sure that Mexico has mastered the art of solar power prodcution. With an influx of new projects, and high efficiency of old ones, Mexico is heavily relying on clean energy. In the future, Mexico desires to take on even more solar projects. The Sonora project is the most recent addition thus far. The use of the Sonora area can truly change the game when it comes to Mexico’s solar power production. It is likely that Sonora could become the greatest solar panel plant in the world. Mexico will continue to amaze other countries because of their new solar energy advancements. 

Sun Belt

Mexico has a huge advantage when it comes to solar power. Mexico receives lots of valuable sunlight, making the country perfect for the production of solar power energy. They get on average 2,200 kWh/m² of yearly solar radiation. That is just in the Baja California region alone. It’s not surprising that Mexico has made their solar power projects a priority during the last decade. Being in the Sun Belt continues to support Mexico’s progress in the solar power industry.

Geothermal Revival

In the future, Mexico wants to use their Geothermal energy caused by their climate for good. The issue is that there are no geothermal solar plants in Mexico. Another conflict includes the disadvantages geothermal energy can bring. This energy is a key contributor to greenhouse gases. It’s best Mexico focuses on their success with Solar Power. 

Wind Energy

Such plants like the Mesa Morenos project create quality amounts of wind energy. Similarly to solar power, wind energy is an easy to obtain, clean energy source. Mexico wishes to advance their wind energy technology, in order to utilize this source as well. 

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