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It’s very crucial for solar installers to stay updated on anything that is related to solar power. This means they have to always lookout for the latest news or developments or case studies in the solar industry. Normally, the perfect way in order to stay informed is to follow numerous solar blogs, websites, and magazines. But there is another way in order to do that, and that would be to engage in various solar power forums.

Generally speaking, an online forum is basically an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. This works almost like any other messaging platform. But it differs in that the messages in online forums are more often than not longer than just one line of text and are at least temporarily archived. Essentially, an online forum is just a very casual way of communicating with other people.

But even though the nature of solar power forums is very casual and informal, they’re still a good place to go to get insight. There are a lot of solar experts in these forums, and they are more than happy to assist people with answers to their complex questions. So, it’s a good idea that in addition to solar websites and blogs, you should follow solar power forums as well.

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Here are 10 suggestions of solar power forums that you can follow and engage with its members.

Solar Panel Talk

Solar Panel Talk is a very useful site that focuses primarily on whole solar installations. There are many knowledgeable and veteran solar industry members in this forum. Additionally, there are usually a couple of hundred people on the site at any given time, making the forum not just big but also active. You do have to take note, though, that conversations here can get pretty technical at times.

Northern Arizona Wind and Sun Solar Forum

Just like Solar Panel Talk, the Northern Arizona Wind and Sun Solar Forum is another one that is quite active. And just like the previous forum mentioned, this one also focuses on home solar setups. Aside from the solar topics, this forum has a separate section dedicated to wind turbines as well.

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Simply Solar

A relatively new forum, Simply Solar stands out from the rest, simply because it was created out of a Yahoo solar DIY group. So, the members in this forum and even the guy who runs it himself are experienced do-it-yourself practitioners.


Some of the topics that EcoRenovator focuses on are renovations, solar, and wind energy. This forum has over 5,000 members and about 200 active ones, making it a great forum to visit at any point in time.

Homesteading Today

Homesteading Today is probably one of the biggest solar power forums out there. After all, it contains over 4 million posts and about 40,000 members. The sections here are also a lot, ranging from alternative energy to gardening.

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Green Building Advisor

The Green Building Adviser forum is a complete source for building, designing, and remodelling green homes. After all, all of the editors at the site are former builders, remodelers, and designers, so they have the competence and the knowledge to share some accurate advice and information to their members.

Online Conversion

Online Conversion sticks out as a solar power forum because it focuses primarily on converting units of energy. So, if you have a math or conversion problem, this should be your go-to forum.

Field Lines | Other Power

Field Lines is a great forum, simply because its coverage is pretty extensive. The three major topics of discussion are usually hydro, solar, and wind energies, but they cover other topics as well, such as fossil and biofuels, micro- and co-generation, and many more.

Energy Matters

This is another forum that has quite a huge coverage. From solar and wind to green building and cleantech, this forum just tackles them all.

Power Forum

The most talked-about topic in Power Forum is solar power. But oftentimes, the members also start conversations about wind power, hydropower, sustainable landscaping, energy use and conservation, and alternative fuels.

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Following solar websites and blogs is not the only way that solar installers can stay informed. Another way they can achieve that is by following various solar power forums and engaging with the members there.

Luckily, since the solar industry is a rising industry, the number of online forums dedicated to this topic is also on the rise. The 10 forums that are mentioned in this list are not supposed to be the only ones you follow. These should be your starting point instead. The internet is a wide sea full of many other solar power forums. So, keep looking for them. And when you find some that you like, add them to this list. Keep the list growing so that you can keep learning as well.

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