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Solar energy is a major source of renewable energy with the potential to meet most of the energy needs in the world.  

Solar power can also limit climate change as it has zero carbon emissions. According to Greenpeace, the carbon footprint of solar panels can be offset in as quickly as four years.

Solar energy is useful as a decentralized source of electricity for home and commercial usage, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). 

Solar water heating and passive solar design of buildings to cool or heat space are other solar technologies available for individual buildings.

Solar energy has various aspects, and it is crucial for solar professionals and installers to have comprehensive knowledge about these areas to be successful in the solar industry. 

In this post, we have listed numerous free solar installation courses online. Some of these solar installation training are free video tutorials, and some are paid courses, including both classroom and online training. 

Here is the list of solar installation training: 

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Free Online Solar Installation Training Videos

Google TechTalks

The first free solar installation training video is by Google TechTalks. In this training video, solar energy expert Meredith McClintock will walk you through all the key phases of the solar energy concept. 

The training includes the following topics:

  • Overview: How solar works; Benefits; Types of solar energy – Solar electric and Solar thermal; Tecg\hnologies
  • Solar installation process: Step-by-step installation process requirements 
  • Key questions to ask & things to look for when considering solar
  • Examples
  • Solar energy myths
  • Q & A

This training video is particularly useful for solar professionals and installers who are beginners in the solar industry.

Step-by-Step Solar Panel Installation Course: The Trott-Bailey Family

This is a practical solar installation training video by the Kimroy Bailey Group that takes you through all the steps required to install 12 solar panels on a rooftop. 

The topics covered in this video include the followings:

  • What are the appliances that the 3,000W solar system can power
  • Details about the solar panels and the system capacity
  • Aluminum rails for securing the solar panels to the roof
  • End and mid clamps for securing the solar panels to the aluminum rails
  • Using power tools and Allen keys to install your solar panels during installation
  • Solar panel installation safety requirements
  • Wear your harness
  • Do not work alone
  • Working in the rain
  • How long does it take to complete a solar installation
  • Solar panel electrical connection: series connection, parallel connections, and series-parallel connection
  • Safety equipment for solar installation and other tools required for a beginner to install a professional solar system.
  • Tightening up the mid-clamps with the Allen key
  • Solar panels and storms/hurricanes
  • Ensure that your electrical wires are facing top up. 
  • Installing the first four panels (1kW of power installed)
  • Connecting the Electrical wires on the first four panels (1kW completed). 
  • How to make a series connection between solar panels, the beginners guide
  • How to make a parallel connection during solar installation training for beginner
  • Starting the second row of solar panel installation
  • Second-row end and mid clamps solar installation training
  • Solar installation training calculation: Can one solar panel power a refrigerator?
  • Solar panel weight
  • Preparing your tools and installation efficiency
  • Starting the third branch of panels which will be connected in parallel to the other two branches. 
  • How to do a solar installation when you have limited roof space
  • Direction and Angle, which the solar panels should be faced during installation.

This training video has everything that you need to know for solar panel installation.

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PV Installation (Part 1) – SolarWorld USA

This training video is by SolarWorld USA, a leading solar design and manufacturing company in the US.

The video contains solar photovoltaic (PV) installation planning and racking SolarWorld 60-cell black modules, Quick Mount PV composition roof mounts, and SolarWorld Sunfix Plus racking.

The training outline is below:

  • Installation safety
  • Roof layout
  • Module mounting zones
  • Rafter location
  • Attachment/Flashing installation
  • Racking installation
  • Grounding the racking system
  • Conductor pathway

You can check the remaining of the installation training guide here:

How to Install Solar Panels at Home – Su-Kam Solar

This is a short training video that shows the things to consider before installing solar panels.

Here is the training outline:

  1. The direction of solar panels while installing: The panels should always be facing towards Equator of Earth
  2. North-facing for the southern hemisphere
  3. South-facing for the northern hemisphere
  4. Tilt angle = Latitude of the location
  5. Shadow free area is required.

Importance of setting up accurate direction of solar panels as it is to:

  • Decide the output level (efficiency) of the solar panels.
  • Get accurate direction for generating the best possible electricity from the solar panels.

Mounting PV Array Frames – Clean Energy Council

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This is a short training video by the Clean Energy Council that has demonstrated the key points to consider when mounting array frames when installing a residential solar PV system

The training video contains:

  • Site-specific assessment
  • Wearing harness for fall protection
  • Checking the correct location of the roof for shading and the surrounding environment that may obstruct sunlight
  • Verifying the engineering certificate of the solar panel
  • Measuring the available roof area
  • Checking the signs of defects in the roof area
  • Checking the strength of roof tiles
  • Identifying the mounting points along with wind regions
  • Determining the number of modules to install per row
  • Earthing the rails and modules

The video has been produced in collaboration with AGL, and through co-investment between the Clean Energy Council and the National VET E-learning Strategy.

Solar Install Training Mounting A Junction Box

This video training by Interplay Learning Interactive Training provides a step-by-step process of mounting a junction box while installing a residential solar system. The training is based on Interplay’s solar training simulations.

The solar training program provides a range of simulation-based training content that can improve the performance of solar installation professionals across the solar industry. 

The training outlines a general overview of electrical concepts such as tools and equipment, typical electrical components, wiring, conduit, and grounding. 

Also, you can learn about the simulation-based practice of locating and mounting equipment, routing and installing conduit, installing wiring, monitoring equipment installation, and labelling. 

Solar Training Videos – Testing an Installation

This short training video outlines the key things to remember when testing and commissioning a grid-connected solar PV system. 

The video includes the following sub-topics:

  • Safety test short circuit currents
  • The resistance of equipotential bonding conductor
  • Minimum values for insulation resistance
  • Signing the certificate of electrical safety and solar installation forms.

The training video has been created in collaboration between the Clean Energy Council and the National VET E-learning Strategy.

Solar Panels Photovoltaic, DIY Installation Training Video Solar Electric

This is a step-by-step DIY installation video by GreenPowerScience demonstrating installing solar panels using a Harbor Freight solar panel kit.

On the video the DIY solar panel installation is on amorphous solar panels, and shows:

  • How to assemble solar panels
  • Set up the frame before placing solar panels
  • Fitting solar panels in the frame
  • Connecting wires to the battery and solar panels
  • Connecting cables for DC output

These are amorphous panels, which do not suffer water damage. 

Home Solar Power Installation Training Video

This training video tutorial by Martin Lorton shows the step-by-step process of rooftop solar panel installation.

The video covers the following areas:

  • Using Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline solar panels. What is the difference?
  • Using high DC voltage and low current for better power output.
  • Angle and direction of setting panels
  • How solar inverters convert DC into AC current for generating power
  • The function of a pre-paid meter and a battery monitoring system.
  • How to install a solar panel at home
  • Having backup Power
  • Emergency power
  • Things to do during a power outage or power blackout

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II. Other Courses:

In this section, we have listed both online and classroom training courses. Some of these courses are quite intensive, and we have included both free and paid courses. 

Depending on the learning requirements, beginners and experienced solar professionals can enroll in these courses. Here we go.

US Solar Institute


This is an online solar installation training by the US Solar Institute.

This course is primarily for those who are seeking knowledge on Solar PV knowledge to see if the solar industry is a good fit for their career or starting a solar business.

These solar fundamentals online course is the first step for beginners to have a clear concept about green energy, particularly about the basics of solar power and solar energy. 

The learners will get to know about PV electricity, market factors, types of solar energy systems, interesting facts, and history of solar power. 

This course has been designed to prepare anyone for the energy revolution. It also explains how the franchise utility laws have and are keeping clean solar power out of the market.  

This course is, however, not the same as the institute’s hands-on solar training program. This is more of a volunteer course for people who are interested in the solar industry.

Course Fee: $99

Class Central – Free Online Courses


You can go through some pretty good free online courses on solar energy systems on this site. The key courses that we found on the website are:

  • Introduction to solar cells: This course contains topics such as the history of solar cells, why solar energy, power from solar cells, modelling a solar cell, how do solar cells work, the efficiency of solar cells, solar cell technologies, and more.
  • Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice: This course covers topics including solar cells and life cycle analysis, organic and polymer solar cells, materials in solar cells, stability and degradation, and solar cell fabrication.
  • Photovoltaic solar energy: This course focuses on topics such as photovoltaic solar energy, solar cell operation, and solar photovoltaic systems.

Many of the free online courses on this website have been developed by top universities/institutes such as MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.



everblue® runs a solar installation training course, which is a blend of online or interactive study. 

This course has been designed to teach the participants about: 

  • How to install solar panels 
  • Safety
  • Tools needed
  • Solar system components 
  • String sizing
  • Service panels
  • Battery bank sizing
  • System design
  • PV installation 
  • Charge controllers
  • Installation demonstration.

This course is ideal for builders, roofers, electricians, construction workers, contractors, supervisors, site managers, project managers, system engineers, and anyone interested in acquiring solar installation skills.

Course Duration: 40 hours

Course Fee: $1599

SOLARIGEN School of Solar Technology


Solargen offers both entry-level and advanced level solar PV installation courses. 

The outline for the entry-level course is below:

  • Properties of PV cells & performance variations
  • Module design & behaviour characteristics
  • PV array design parameters
  • Solar energy and the PV cell
  • PV system site assessment
  • Calculating PV system performance
  • Classification of PV system types
  • Interactive inverter systems
  • Stand-alone systems
  • Mechanical integration of PV arrays
  • NEC compliance for PV systems
  • OSHA and safety
  • Maintaining & troubleshooting PV systems
  • Utility interconnection standards & calculations

Course Duration: Self-paced

Course Fee: $495

MNRE Online Training Course on Solar Design and Installation


This is an online course that has been designed and conducted by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, India.

The course outline is below:

  • Basics of photovoltaic systems
  • Basics of electromagnetic spectrums and radiation study
  • Shading analysis
  • Designing of solar power systems
  • Grounding concepts
  • Civil construction and lightning protection
  • Testing and commissioning of solar power plants
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Personal and protective equipment
  • Virtual onsite training.

This course is ideal for people who are already working in the solar industry, students, new entrepreneurs, and graduates seeking comprehensive knowledge on solar design and installation.

Course Fee: INR 599 ($9-$10)

Solar Electric Design and Installation


Solar Energy International offers a wide range of courses on solar energy, including ‘Solar Design & Installation (Electric)’ and ‘Solar Design & Installation (Thermal). ’ 

There are both free and paid courses available on the website. To enroll, students first need to register on the site.

The course outline includes the following:

  • Fundamentals and understanding of various components 
  • system architectures, and applications for PV systems 
  • site analysis 
  • system sizing 
  • array configuration and performance estimation
  • electrical design characteristics such as wiring, overcurrent protection, and grounding.

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Course Fee: $845

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The Way Forward

People who are keen to make a career in the solar industry as working professionals or entrepreneurs, learning about solar energy and solar panel installation is the stepping stone.

The listed free video training and other courses will provide a solid understanding of the various aspects of the solar energy system, its different components, and how a full system works. 

According to your requirements, you can go through beginners or advanced courses and get a clear understanding of the solar installation process. We will keep updating this list as and when required so that readers will be aware of all the available learning opportunities.

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