Adobe Orders More Bloom Boxes @ HQ 0

Earlier this week Adobe announced that it had added another 400 kilowatts of Bloom Energy fuel cells to its current fleet of Bloom Boxes.

I spoke with Mike Bangs, Adobe’s Director of Global Facilities, about the installation. The two 200-kilowatt units installed at the company’s San Francisco site are Bloom’s next-generation design and put out twice the power of the previous 100-kilowatt model — in the same footprint. Those two units provide about a third of the power for Adobe’s San Francisco operation.

Although Bloom does have a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option, Adobe owns these boxes and qualified for the federal 1603 Investment Tax Credit, as well as the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP). Between those two generous programs, Adobe estimates that power costs it about $.085 per kilowatt-hour after the incentives. The company has also locked in its price for natural gas for a 10-year term.

For Adobe, this is “another step toward becoming Net Zero” with the potential for its buildings to be independent from the energy grid supply and have zero carbon emissions annually.

Adobe has already installed 12 100-kilowatt Bloom Boxes at its San Jose headquarters in 2010, providing 30 percent of that site’s power. In both locations, the Bloom boxes are installed on open floors of parking structures, a new installation style for Bloom compared to previous installations, which had been at ground-level.

The fuel cells run 24/7 in the million-square-foot San Jose facility, which has a total load ranging from 3 to 5 megawatts. The units are not grid-tied.

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