99.9% Renewables: Possible? 0


Combinations of onshore wind, offshore wind, and photovoltaic solar, paired with battery and hydrogen storage in a widespread grid system, could meet 90 percent to 99.9 percent of expected 2030 demand at almost no increased cost, according to a new study.

“The common view,” University of Delaware researchers noted in their report, “is that a high fraction of renewable power generation would be costly, and would either often leave us in the dark or would require massive electrical storage.”

The priority of the Regional Renewable Electricity Economic Optimization Model (RREEOM) was to see if demand could be met largely with renewables at an affordable cost.

To model that, the researchers incorporated into RREEOM the “four known options: geographical expansion, diversifying resources (e.g., solar plus wind), storage, and fossil backup.”

The model used prices that left out federal and state subsidies but included the costs of fossil fuel externalities.

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