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The new millennium has brought about advanced globalization and technological developments to its highest peak, giving way to positive as well as negative alterations to effect the planet earth. The rate at which this change is taking place is alarming as we are not far away from the day when natural resources would get depleted completely leaving the world at the mere clutches of natural calamities and disasters.

The answer to this growing problem is the invention of environmental supportive innovations and designs that put stress on products and gadgets working without using electricity for earth’s sake. Saving power, reducing use of fossil fuels, helping purify polluted water, preventing deforestation and reducing plastic wastes can add on to our efforts of saving mother earth for a greener and cleaner future.

Listed here are seven innovative designs for a greener planet.

1. Sunflower, An Electric Garden

Sunflower, An Electric GardenThis method of saving power is a sure shot win for all, including our environment

A replica of a sunflower and inspired by its shape, these solar panels are an inevitable part of a permanent and functional art installed in Texas. Designed and conceptualized by artists, Mags Harries and Lajos Heder of Massachusetts, a series of 15 solar towers, looking like sunflowers, absorb enough of the sun’s rays during daytime to provide power to the on-board LEDs in the dark. Excess electricity is transferred back to the grid. This method of saving power is a sure shot win for all, including our environment.

2. Chewing Gum Bottle


Chewing Gum Bottle
Chewing Gum BottleChewing Gum Bottle designed by Gonglue Jiang

Chewing Gum, being a favorite with the young generation, does not always get back to the trash can after use. ‘Gonglue Jiang’, designed this absolutely wonderful ‘Green Seed’ chewing gum bottle to help our planet remain cleaner and more hygienic. This bottle features a surrounding of a sticky paper skirted at its bottom and a temporary storage space to collect used gum which can be disposed later into a dustbin. A very innovative and smart way to store one’s own waste in the form of a gum, without anyone realizing it.

3. Memo Post Card Pad


Memo Postcard Pad
Memo Postcard PadA memo post card pad made out of ceramic

Every time you leave a message, to be followed in your absence, or take down important notes and reminders, a lot of paper is wasted which cannot be re-used. Here’s a way to save on this memos and post-its. A memo post card pad made out of ceramic, which can be wall mounted or can even be used on the desk top, and can dry wiped as well, is an answer to this problem. It is designed in the form of a post card and comes with a dry wipe pen. Now leaving messages can be very simple and wiping off the previous note can be simpler, protecting deforestation, as well, to extract more and more paper.

4. Green Life- Boo Bag


Green Life- Boo Bag
Green Life- Boo BagThese are alternatives to plastic shopping bags

These are alternatives to plastic shopping bags. The introduction of highly sustainable grocery bags made of bamboo fabrics is an answer to this. This bag has a bamboo casing which can be utilized as a handle for a comfortable grip while shopping for grocery items and when not in use, can be used to fold back the entire bag into this casing, making it compact and easy to store as well.

5. Turbine lights illuminate highways


Turbine lights illuminate highways
Turbine lights illuminate highwaysThese turbine lights can prove to be successful only in regions which are heavy on wind

We have come across street lights being lit up using solar energy. On the same lines, now we have wonderful road lamp designs to save electricity as they run on power generated by wind. These wind powered lights, called turbine lights, use moving air from cars zooming out on the highway, to collect power and energy to run the roadside lights. However, these turbine lights can prove to be successful only in regions which are heavy on wind.

6. Happy Basin: Clean, precious water up for slurps


Happy Basin
Happy BasinThis concept of Happy Basin has been introduced to make use of polluted water

This concept of ‘Happy Basin’ has been introduced to make use of polluted water, which generally goes down the drains and is not used for any purpose. For instant, clean and purified water, nano filters are embedded in the holes at the bottom of the basin’s cup which, in turn, helps in the filtration of water. All you need to do is simply push the basin into the water body and the surface tension buoyancy do its job.

7. Bug Plug: A kid-friendly power monitor


Bug Plug
Bug PlugA kid-friendly power monitor

A lot of electricity and power is wasted due to gadgets being left switched on while leaving our homes and places of work. ‘Bug Plug’, solves this problem as it prevents wastage of energy and its unwanted consumption. It has a built-in monitor sensor which turns off all devices connected to it with the help of power strips when it detects that the gadget is not in motion for quite some time. However, this time period can be adjusted easily from zero to 6 minutes. A must-have for all of us to help save power in our fast moving lives.

Come, join hands and take a pledge to save our mother earth by giving in our bit to make this world a better place to live in for the generations to come.

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