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We all know that our planet is seriously polluted and that people keep spending more and more energy, which is extremely bad for our planet, therefore we need to change our bad habits to conserve our planet for future generations to enjoy. There are many ways we can reduce our energy consumption and one of them is by building Eco-friendly houses.

In fact we are harming each other through our building techniques as they directly affect the environment but also our health. There are different Eco-friendly alternatives at any stage of the house building process, from design to construction and even deconstruction to restoration. We’ll to focus on all the benefits you’ll get if you build an Eco-friendly house.

Save Our Lovely Planet

The main advantage of sustainable building is obviously that we are saving our planet by using less energy and by using less polluting materials. In fact, building Eco-friendly houses has many benefits from safeguarding our bio-diverty to enhancing air and water characteristics.

Besides, ecology has become such a big issue that most governments are taking measures to encourage the building of Eco-friendly houses. For instance in the UK the Energy Act of 2011 was passed in order to help reducing carbon emissions of British properties. Building Eco-friendly houses is not only good for the planet but also for your wallet, as it can also help you save a lot of money in the long term.

Save Money

Nowadays saving money is not easy, and you may think that building an Eco-friendly house is probably expensive…not necessarily as governments really want to push people to be more aware of climate change and pollution therefore they have taken some measures to help you build your Eco-friendly house in a cost-effective way.

In fact, you are entitled to a loan with no interest fees and you can repay your loan over 25 years. If you have already built your house you are also entitled to free green deal assessment, in addition turning your house into an Eco-friendly house will also help increasing your house value. If your house is not Eco-friendly then it is recommended to start make it Eco-friendly as early as possible because by 2050 all houses in the UK should be Eco-friendly according to the DECC Green Deal 2050.

Eco Friendly Houses

Eco-friendly houses are built using less polluting materials, for instance Eco-friendly house builders use contaminant free building materials to help resisting indoor polluting of the environment. In addition, if you have an Eco-friendly house you’ll have less problem with mildew as well as toxic mold.

In addition, having an Eco-friendly house will give you a great advantage on the market when you’d like to sell it. In fact, the priority of most home-buyers is to find expense efficient houses to buy, which means that in the near future your house will have less value in the market if it’s not Eco-friendly. In addition, there are only advantages in having an Eco-friendly house as possessing such a house is less expensive than having a typical home.

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