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A large number of homeowners are unable to grapple with the rising energy costs. Over 85% of the energy used in the world is from non-renewable resources. Remember, “Time’s winged chariot hurrying near,” as all the non-renewable resources may deplete in near future. Therefore, it may compel us to rely only on the renewable sources. Recently, people all over the globe are relying on alternative energy sources. These alternative energy sources are inexhaustible resources and they can help to reduce the long-term energy costs for homeowners. There are various alternative renewable sources available for the homeowners; but there are a few that may not be practical to use for all homes.

Here are a few alternative energy resources to lower the energy consumption costs :

1. Solar energy: Solar energy is considered to be the most common types of alternative energy. Without any noise and air pollution, the solar panels are used to convert the sunlight into electric system. This is a system when you can utilize the renewable energy coming from the sunlight. Therefore, it is considered to be environment friendly than conventional energy sources. You can use the solar electric system to power light, electrical appliances used in your kitchen as well as computers and other electric devices. However, installing solar electric system in your home can be little expensive. In some of the states in the US, the government offers tax deduction and other financial incentives to make the solar electric system more affordable for home owners.

2. Wind Energy: Wind is also a renewable form of energy that does not cause environmental hazards. Although, it may not be practical to use wind energy source to generate power for a home. The turbines are used to convert kinetic energy from the wind into electricity. The aerodynamic blades in the turbines are used to convert kinetic energy and control the maximum amount of energy from the wind. When the blades are turned with the help of wind, the shaft connected to the generator starts spinning. This generator helps to power you home. If you do not have a large open area adjacent to your home, then it may not be possible to install a wind turbine. Try to analyze whether you can afford to install a wind turbine as it can burn a hole in your pocket. Remember, many homeowners may not be able to manage the long-term investment that is required.

3. Hydro Power: If your home is near to a river or stream, then hydro power is an alternative energy option. Hydro power is also a renewable source of energy. Unlike other alternative sources of energy, the hydro energy power is commonly used to power homes. The river or stream from where the power is generated needs to have high flow. In this source of energy, a micro hydro turbine is used to capture the water’s energy. The most positive point of a hydro power is that the turbines can produce energy continuously.

Therefore, these are the common three alternative energy resources used to cut on energy costs.

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