Need a larget number of of Solar Panel in Saudi Arabia

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Solar Panel

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Posted: Friday January 13, 2023

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more then 1000s we already have a shop

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Categories Solar Panel
Shipping Destination Country Saudi Arabia
Shipping Destination City Al Khobar
Overall project size a larget number of
ETA soon
Trade Term FOB
Certificate ISO

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Company Started 2013
Purchase last year more then 1000s we already have a shop
Company Size 100-500
Company Persona Distributor (selling domestically)

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We are seeking to purchase a Solar Street Lighting and CCTV System for our community. We are looking for a solution that includes the following components:
  • Street Poles: various heights (4m, 6m, 8m, 10m) with single arm and double arm variants for light fixtures and solar panel holder. Battery storage on pole and underground.
  • Solar Panels: wattage range from (100W – 450W)
  • Charge Controller: for battery charging
  • Lithium Battery: 2 days of autonomy (2NSS)
  • Gel Battery: (optional) 2 days of autonomy, ranging from 12V 100Ah – 200Ah
  • Battery box storage: to be installed on the pole or underground
  • LED Lights: (option 1) 140 lm/Watts and higher with better heat sync
  • CCTV Camera: (option 2) should be able to perform 24/7 surveillance and have wireless capability
  • Wind Turbine: (option 3) to support the battery charging during the night time as well as cloudy days
We are interested in working with suppliers that have a proven track record in the solar energy industry and have experience with similar projects. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with detailed information about your products and services, including technical specifications, performance data, and pricing. Please also include any relevant certifications, licenses, and references. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in our project. Sincerely,