Need 200kW of Solar Panel in Norway

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Posted: Saturday November 19, 2022

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Categories Solar Panel
Shipping Destination Country Norway
Shipping Destination City Oslo
Overall project size 200kW
ETA Q1 2023
Trade Term CIF
Certificate CE

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Company Name Company Name
Company Email Company Email
Buyer Name Buyer Name
Phone Number Phone Number
Company Started 2022
Purchase last year 1MW
Company Size 1-10
Company Persona Distributor (selling domestically)

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We are selling and creating the documentation for all kinds of PV installations in Norway, we have many ongoing offers and are a company in rapid grow. We require the PV-manufacturer to send out an ESG report, in addition to the IEC/CE certifications required. We are looking for a long-term partner that can handle large orders with a lead-time of maximum 3 months. The PV-manufacturer should have different kind of PV-panels that should be of high-quality, where we will look into W/m2, and technologies such as PERC, and esthetic criterias such as all-black panels, so we can deliver PV-panels for different kind of clients.