Need 15 kw of Mounting System in United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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Mounting System

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Posted: Wednesday September 14, 2022

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Categories Mounting System
Shipping Destination Country United Kingdom
Shipping Destination City Greenock
Overall project size 15 kw
ETA October 2022
Trade Term EXW
Certificate CE
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Company Name Company Name
Company Email Company Email
Buyer Name Buyer Name
Phone Number Phone Number
Company Started 1980
Company Size 11-50
Company Persona Residential & Commercial Installers

Inquiry Description:

 I’m the owner of xxxx Scotland and we looking to diversify into wind and Solar power for homes. I was looking at your store and I am very interested in creating a long-term business relationship with your company.

Our store specialize in selling Double Glazing and we are currently upgrading our website and I believe that we can increase our sales by creating a long-term and beneficial working relationship with your company.

Before proceeding, we have a few questions we were hoping you could answer:

  • Do you offer Blind Drop Shipping - or without sending an invoice and any associated marketing materials including in or on the packaging.
  • Do you offer Bulk Drop Shipping - our store’s current selling volume is too large to place orders individually.
  • Are you able to apply my company’s logo on the products and different colours?

Please let us know if you are interested in forming this mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship with us.