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Wuxi Mingyao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Mingyao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


无锡市明耀太阳能科技有限公司是一家专业从事光伏支架制造生产型企业。公司位于江苏省无锡市前洲友新路19号。沪宁高速、京沪高速、沿江高速汇聚于此,距离上海市中心仅150公里,具有得天独厚的地理优势和产业发展优势。 无锡市明耀太阳能科技有限公司产品有光伏型钢支架、光伏铝合金支架、光伏支架配件和光伏现场安装。公司引进先进的光伏支架生产设备,拥有铝型材挤压机、型钢机、多方位数控冲床、开槽机、切割机等先进设备。工艺先进,上千种规格,能够满足广大顾客各种需求。光伏支架年产能达到1GW。公司管理人员8人,工程师2人,生产员工50余人。我们拥有了优秀的管理人才,精良的专业技术人才以及精湛的生产工艺,并严格参照ISO9001质量管理体系以及各国光伏行业标准进行研发和制造,使得明耀科技的产品受到了客户们的一致肯定与信赖。 明耀科技致力于为全球商用、民用和公共设施的光伏系统提供专业、高效、全面的一站式支架解决方案,包括屋顶光伏支架系统、地面光伏支架系统等。明耀科技支架系列产品已遍布全国各地的光伏工程,主要应用于工业厂房、商业建筑、居民屋顶、农业设施、边远区域等。 我们不断研发具有高可靠性、低成本优势的光伏支架系统,承接光伏系统公司的设计方案加工生产以及OEM订单。凭借多年的光伏支架生产经验和****的研发团队,我们不仅仅为客户提供单一的光伏支架产品,更为客户提供光伏支架系统全方位的设计和服务。不但可以根据客户的图纸加工,亦可以依据项目要求的对客户的设计方案进行优化组合,在满足项目所在地的荷载要求下提高光伏支架的性价比。 本着“诚信经营,品质为先,勇于创新”的企业经营方针,秉承明耀人锲而不舍的敬业精神,公司致力于在太阳能光伏行业不断发展与提升。共创光伏行业美好明天! Wuxi Mingyao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of photovoltaic bracket. The company is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Friends of the new road 19 Qianzhou. Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Yangtze River Expressway converge here, only 150 kilometers from the center of Shanghai, with unique geographical advantages and industrial development advantages. Wuxi Mingyao Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. products are photovoltaic steel bracket, photovoltaic aluminum alloy brackets, photovoltaic bracket accessories and photovoltaic on-site installation. The company introduced advanced photovoltaic support production equipment, with aluminum extrusion machine, steel machine, multi-directional CNC punch, slotting machine, cutting machine and other advanced equipment. Advanced technology, thousands of specifications, to meet the needs of customers. The annual capacity of the photovoltaic bracket reaches 1GW. Company management staff of 8 people, 2 engineers, production staff of more than 50 people. We have excellent management personnel, excellent professional and technical personnel and exquisite production technology, And in strict accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and national photovoltaic industry standards for research and development and manufacturing, making Ming Yao technology products by the customer's consistent affirmation and trust. Ming Yao Technology is committed to providing professional, efficient and comprehensive one-stop solar system solutions for commercial, civil and public facilities worldwide, including rooftop solar system, ground solar system and so on. Ming Yao technology bracket products have been all over the country's photovoltaic projects, mainly used in industrial plants, commercial buildings, residential roofs, agricultural facilities, remote areas. We continue to develop high reliability, low cost advantages of photovoltaic mounting system, to undertake the design of photovoltaic system companies processing production and OEM orders. With years of production experience and research and development team, we not only provide customers with a single PV rack products, but also provide customers a full range of PV bracket system design and services. Not only can be processed according to customer's drawings, but also according to the requirements of the project to optimize the design of the customer, in order to meet the load requirements in the project location to improve the cost-effective photovoltaic bracket. The spirit of "integrity management, quality first, the courage to innovate" business management policy, adhering to the perseverance of Ming Yao people dedicated to the continuous development and upgrading of the solar photovoltaic industry. Create a better tomorrow for the photovoltaic industry!

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No. 19 Jinshan Road Qian Bridge Huishan District Wuxi Jiangsu , jiangsu ,
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Address No. 19 Jinshan Road Qian Bridge Huishan District Wuxi Jiangsu , jiangsu ,
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