Cell Technology: Lead Acid (Gel)
Nominal Capacity: 800 Ah ~ 800 Ah
Region: Bulgaria
Discharge Time: 10 hours ~ 10 hours
Model no. :
Master Battery is a company specialized in producing and distributing autonomous energy. With our own factories in Europe, America and Asia, the company has been created with Spanish capital. This ensures an exhaustive quality control over our solutions, adding value to them. At the same time, it allows the collaboration between both countries. Master Battery is a leading brand in energy solutions and services of high added value. We work with several sectors, such as security, defense, transportation, traffic, energy and industry, telecommunications, naval, fishing, amongst other sectors in which our energy solutions are present. Master Battery continuously strives to improve the way it operates in all possible aspects: developing innovative products and technologies, increasing market share, managing risk more effectively, improving customer satisfaction and protection of the environment, which is a determinant factor in the development of our activity.
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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features

  • Longer design life: Improving plates absorption, with an studied construction and using high quality raw materials, we get a battery with a longer design life, higher and more efficient gas recombination of 99% and a lower self-discharge.

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