From $227 / kWh
From $580 / Unit
Cell Technology: Li-ion
Nominal Energy: 1.2 ~ 3.0
Region: China
Warranty: 10 Years
Model no. :

LFP2400, LFP5000 are hot-selling Rack Mounted Lithium Batteries provided by Sunket with our abundant experience for Home Energy Storage. It’ s long life character, high energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, easiness of installation and expansion, all reflects the real requirements of end users and strongest technical capability of Sunket.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Sunket Solar Li-ion Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

  • Signal module could be installed in Parallel or Serial connection.
  • Integrated WF1 Modem In each unit, helps to solve problem quickly for after service.
  • Direct connect with Smart phone and battery BMS, solve alter service for those site without Internet
  • Remote Upgrade Firmware decrease after service.
  • Relay Included In each module, which Is more stable and reliable than MOSfet
  • Radom connect battery Ignore the voltage different.
  • Provide wall maintain and Ground install methods.
  • Voltage, current Sampling precision, benefits SOC mathematic more accuracy.
  • SOC mathematic more correctly and never Jump.

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