SPH 3600~6000-BH-S8

Cell Technology: LFP
Nominal Energy: 8.2 ~ 8.2
Region: China
Model no. :

The Kehua SPH automatically stores excess solar power during the day for use later in the day or at night without any user input required.

The Kehua SPH provides charge and discharge time settings for customers on Time of Use rate schedules so they can pre-charge when the price of power is low, and save the energy for use when grid power prices are high.

The Kehua SPH system is virtual power plant compatible which means that any excess battery energy can be utilized by the grid or electricity retailers to provide additional savings and lead the way towards 100% renewable.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features


  • Investable
    ·More flexible application
    ·Better PV utilization
    ·Faster charging
    ·Higher battery efficiency
  • Intelligent
    ·User-friendly interface
    ·Intelligent monitoring
  • Integrated
    ·Easy installation
    ·Easy O&M
    ·Easy capacity expansion
    ·One-stop for all

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