Residential Battery SDC10-Box5

Cell Technology: LFP
Nominal Capacity: 4.8 Ah ~ 5.12 Ah
Region: China
Model no. :

Shoto is a leading manufacturer of green energy storage solutions. Since its founding in 1990, Shoto
has built solid expertise in the field of energy storage and has become a convinced supporter of green energy. Shoto has successfully expanded its solutions for telecoms, data centers, energy storage systems and renewable energies worldwide with branches in all continents and more than100million satisfied customers.
As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries and lithium, Shoto has more than 30 years of experience and is one of the “China Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprises” and one of the “World Top 500 New” Energy Companies. SHOTO offers the highest safety and performance standards for battery solutions forprivate households and commercial purposes.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Shoto 4.8 Ah, 5.12 Ah LFP Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

System Function:

  • Solar energy preferably used by domestic appliances, and additional Energy is stored in battery.
  • During the day, when battery is fully charged, the additional energy produced by solar can be sold and fed into the public.
  • At evening, the energy stored in the battery supplies electricity to the domestic appliances.
  • At night, when the energy stored in the battery is depleted, the public grid supplies energy to the domestic appliances.

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