RENON Super-Li Series

From $501 / kWh
From $20,500 / Unit
Cell Technology: LFP
Nominal Capacity: 80 Ah ~ 200 Ah
Nominal Energy: 40.96 ~ 102.4
Region: United States
Warranty: 10 Years
Discharge Time: 20 hours ~ 20 hours
Model no. :

As an advocate of green data center and a provider of green IDC solutions, RENON is committed to providing users with stable, efficient and intelligent IDC infrastructure power supply solutions, reducing customers’ initial investment, operation costs, and conserve more energy. Whether indoors or outdoors, small or large data centers, RENON’s modular UPS + Intelligent LiFePO4 battery solutions can meet your needs. Our products are factory prefabricated and fully modular design, which supports rapid deployment, shortens the on-site installation cycle, reduces the installation cost, and enables the user’s data center to be fully operational as soon as possible.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

RENON Power Technology Inc. 80 Ah, 160 Ah, 100 Ah, 200 Ah LFP Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

  • Lithium iron phosphate high-stability batteries, thermal runaway will not catch fire
  • High energy density, saving 70% of floor space, compared with lead acid batteries
  • Active current sharing technology to support the mixing of old and new batteris, easy to expand

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