Cell Technology: Lead Acid (Gel)
Nominal Capacity: 1200 Ah ~ 1200 Ah
Region: China
Discharge Time: 10 hours ~ 10 hours
Model no. :

The battery is manufactured with PVC-SiO2 separator and colloidal or fumed silica. The tubular positive plate and pasted negative plate is applied. The batteries use silica gel to immobilize the electrolyte inside the battery. The proven silica gel technology improves battery cycle life and performance at various ambient temperatures.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features


  • The battery has a long service life, under float charging, ambient temperature 25℃, it can operate 15-20 years .
  • Excellent Recovery from deep discharge and good deep discharge cycle capability.
  • the battery has a low self-discharge, keep over 60% of the rated capacity after 2 years stored under 25℃
  • High Reliability and Quality

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