Ni-Fe Battery 48V

Cell Technology: Ni-Fe
Nominal Capacity: 100 Ah ~ 1000 Ah
Region: United States
Warranty: 10 Years
Discharge Time: 5 hours ~ 5 hours
Model no. :

Nickel Iron (NiFe) batteries are by far the most rugged and longest lasting battery option available today, and a great option for off grid solar & renewable energy applications. Known for their performance in cold weather, this is a great option for cabins or homes that do not have a temperature controlled battery area.

Our NiFe battery arrives dry with busbars, and powdered electrolyte. The electrolyte will need to be mixed and filled in the cells before use.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features

  • THE EVERLASTING BATTERY: Never worry about changing your solar battery again. Iron Edison’s Nickel Iron battery is rated for at least 11,000 cycles with daily use. That’s 30 years of loyal service
  • DEEPEST DISCHARGE: Daily deep discharging has no impact on battery cycle life, allowing for more usable capacity. You’ll never have to worry about accidental over-discharge damaging your battery bank.
  • MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY: Available in 12, 24, and 48 Volt configurations, Iron Edison batteries are compatible with all major brands of inverters.
  • NEARLY INDESTRUCTIBLE: Nickel Iron is tolerant of over-charge, over-discharge, and below freezing temperatures. The alkaline electrolyte acts as a metal preservative, leading to years of uninterruptible performance.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Every Nickel Iron battery comes with a 10-year performance guarantee, along with lifetime technical support.

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