CATL Sodium-ion Batteries Made in China

Cell Technology: Other
Region: China
Warranty: 2 Years
Model no. :

The sodium-ion battery has a similar working principle to the lithium-ion battery. Sodium ions also shuttle between the cathode and anode. However, compared with lithium ions, sodium ions have a larger volume and higher requirements regarding structural stability and the kinetic properties of materials. This has become a bottleneck for the industrialization of sodium-ion batteries.

CATL has been dedicated to the research and development of sodium-ion battery electrode materials for many years. In terms of cathode materials, CATL has applied Prussian white material with a higher specific capacity and redesigned the bulk structure of the material by rearranging the electrons, which solved the worldwide problem of rapid capacity fading upon material cycling. In terms of anode materials, CATL has developed a hard carbon material that features a unique porous structure, which enables the abundant storage and fast movement of sodium ions, and also an outstanding cycle performance.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features

  • Safety
  • Energy density
  • System integration efficiency
  • Fast charging
  • Low temperature performance
  • Long-life

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