LPR LifePO4 Series for 19′ Rank

From $171 / kWh
From $919 / Unit
Cell Technology: LFP
Nominal Capacity: 10 Ah ~ 200 Ah
Region: China
Warranty: 3 Years
Discharge Time: 10 hours ~ 10 hours
Model no. :

LPR series battery system is 48V/24V/12V system for communications back-up type LiFePO4n(lithium iron phosphate) battery products, the system uses the advanced LiFePO4 battery technology with the benefit of long cycle life, small size, light weight, safety and environmental protection, and has a strong environmental adaptability, it is idea for harsh outdoor environments. The system also integrates a smart battery management and monitoring module, support for remote centralized monitoring and remote battery management and maintenance, to meet the requirements of unattended. Therefore, the LPR system can fully meet the backup power supply requirements of the access network equipment, mobile communications equipment, transmission equipment, micro base stations and microwave communication equipment.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features

General Features

  • Able to operate at -20~60℃
  • DOD 100% >2000 times Cycles
  • Easy installation, can be in 19-inch
  • standard cabinet or be wall-mounted
  • Long life high stability under high-temp.
  • environment (no cooling needed)
  • M6 terminals on front panel
  • Build in BMS

LiFEPO4 Advantage

  • Battery Management System built-in which protects the battery from short circuits, overloads and deep discharge.
  • Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature conditions
  • The BMS also balances cells in order to guarantee longer battery life.
  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology
  • Flame retardant system to UL94V-0
  • Thousands of cycles, under normal conditions
  • Excellent high temperature performance -20°C to 60°C
  • Low self discharge rate of 2 years before required recharging
  • High energy density and conversion efficiency
  • Can use most standard VRLA chargers for this system
  • Environmental Friendly, without any heavy metals
  • Maintenance free throughout lifetime

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