Li-ion Home Energy Storage

Cell Technology: Li-ion
Nominal Capacity: 120 Ah ~ 240 Ah
Nominal Energy: 6.1 ~ 12.2
Region: Romania
Model no. :

We are all facing a global challenge, which is probably the most ambitious one that humanity has ever faced: decarbonize our society and do it in less than 30 years.

Electrical Energy is the main pillar of this transition. Therefore, we all must work cohesively to speed up the transition to a sustainable future. Prime Battery plays a strategy role in this challenge, solving renewable energy sources intermittence, supporting transportation to an electric era and developing state-of-art production systems with a high scalability rate.

We are committed to manage the change to a cleaner environment, driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, resulting in advanced technology made easy to use.


  • Renewable energy integration
  • Back-up power
  • On-grid and off-grid operation
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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Prime Batteries 120 Ah, 180 Ah, 240 Ah Li-ion Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

  • Safe & Reliable: Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Cell Tested and Certified Product
  • Lowest TCO in the Market: Cost saving
  • More Usable Energy: 7 Up to 9 000 cycles
  • In-Software: Remote monitoring
  • Perfect Compatibility: Compatible with Both Residential Single & Three-Phase Inverters
  • Negative Carbon Footprint Production: All energy used in production comes from RES
  • Decarbonization: Contributes to reduction of Carbon for a climate-neutral society by 2050
  • Easy Installation: Compact and Lightweight Battery Module
  • Up to 98% Recyclable: Eco friendly

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