LFP12.8V 84AH

From $126 / kWh
From $136 / Unit
Cell Technology: LFP
Nominal Capacity: 84 Ah ~ 84 Ah
Nominal Energy: 1.0752 ~ 1.0752
Region: China
Warranty: 1 Year
Discharge Time: 20 hours ~ 20 hours
Model no. :

Maxworld Battery strives to empower more people to enjoy the benefits of LiFePO4 cells. From 100ah LifePO4 batteries to 200ah LiFePO4 batteries, Maxworld Battery covers almost all lithium solutions. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries and lipo batteries, LiFePO4 battery, or lithium iron phosphate battery, is a kind of newer lithium solution that is safer and obtains more advantages than other lithium chemistry, particularly in solar, marine, and electronic applications.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Maxworld Power 84 Ah LFP Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

    • Using the technology of lithium iron phosphate cell, superior safety, thousands of cycles, 100%D0D, under normal conditions

    • Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over discharge, over current and over temperature

    • Maintenance free

    • Internal cell balancing

    • Lighter weight: About 40% —50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.

    • Can be charged using most standard lead-acid charges (set)

    • Wider temperature range:-20℃-60

    • Support for serial application expansion (up to 51.2V)

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