IMEON X-Trem Grid-tie

Cell Technology: LFP
Region: France
Warranty: 10 Years
Model no. :

With a track record of several thousand systems delivered worldwide, IMEON ENERGY has become a key player in energy conversion and storage industry, one recognized for the reliability of its products. Building upon its experience, in 2020 IMEON ENERGY releases a new range of energy storage solutions dedicated to commercial and industrial applications.

The IMEON X-Trem ESS is made of a hybrid solar inverter, electrical protections and lithium batteries assembled inside of an air-conditioned cabinet to maximise its robustness as well as simplicity of its installation. As an option, IMEON offers commissioning support services adapted to C&I solutions.

The IMEON X-Trem ESS incorporates highly reliable components to ensure optimal operation of the entire solar self-consumption system. These components are housed in a secure, IP55-rated, airconditioned cabinet allowing outdoor installation in environments with extreme climatic conditions.

Beyond the IMEON X-Trem ESS models presented in this document, IMEON offers custom-made assemblies, designed in accordance with the needs of your customers. Whether you are looking for kilowatts or megawatts of power, IMEON is able to help you find a solution that meets your requirements.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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