Cell Technology: Li-ion
Region: China
Warranty: 10 Years
Model no. :

ES Residential ESS-H: All in one, One for all

More Efficient More Resilient Improved Temperature Cycle

  • High system power density. with only 89Whikg
    • No more other accessories
  • Battery preinstalled. more convenient for on-site installation
  • UPS level provide backup power
  • Switching time < 10ms : Make you feel no perception of power outages
  • Noise < 25db : Super quiet. in and out
  • IP65 : choose the place you want to install
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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

E-star Energy Li-ion Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

Mode A: Self-Power: Even there is no sunlight, you can still use the stored clean energy day and night.

  • Sunny time at noon, or low home energy needs
    • When there is enough solar power to support home energy consumption, the extra solar power will be charged to the battery in Estar later use.
    • And if the battery is fully charged, the solar energy will be fed into the utility grid.
  • Not too much sunlight in morning, at dusk, in bad weather or high home energy needs
    • When there is not enough solar power to support home energy consumption, battery will discharge by it to meet power needs, using the stored energy till fully consumed.
    • And if the solar panels and battery still can’t cover the energy consumption, the utility grid will be used.
  • No sunlight at night or cloudy days
    • When at night or in cloudy days, the solar panels can’t generate any power, the battery in Estar will discharge to support your home energy needs.
    • And if your home energy needs is high, the utility grid will help.

Mode B: Back up: The switching time less than 10ms allows your appliances uninfluenced. Just keep focusing on your things.

  • Power outage at night or cloudy days
    • When a power outage occurs, your important appliances connected to the Estar EPS port will remain working until the stored energy is used up.
    • Usually 10kWh capacity will help you get through a whole day.

Mode C: Load shifting: Always using the cheaper energy from the utility grid, and saving money every day.

  • Off-peak hour: charge from the gird
    • When you choose load shifting mode, you can use cheaper power Estar. Estar will charge battery at off-peak hour when the electricity price is low.
  • Peak hour: discharge to the house
    • Furthermore, Estar will discharge to meet your home energy needs at peak hour when the electricity price is high. In this case, you can always use the power at a lower price.
    • Still, the EPS will work when there is an outage.

ECOS: The Master of Your Home Energy

  • Energy access: View energy usage in real time-Let every second of energy use be mastered.
  • Insight: Insights into home energy use-The insight will let you know more about how your home energy is consumed, like whether energy is being wasted. Better improve your behaviors to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet.
  • Customize: Customize as you like-Self-powered (by default), Load shifting and Back up modes, choose the best one for you.

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