Gellyte Range VRLA

Cell Technology: Lead Acid (AGM)
Nominal Capacity: 18 Ah ~ 400 Ah
Region: China
Model no. :

The extremely powerful and reliable Everexceed’s Gellyte Range VRLA batteries perfectly fulfills the requirements for many different applications including solar, telecommunica-tions, Home Medical Equipment (HME) / mobility, industrial and utility applications where frequent deep cycles are re-quired and minimum maintenance is desirable. Our develop-ment team combines the market’s demand with design opti-mization, precision component selection and state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce the most cost effective battery solution for today’s applications.

  • Applicable Operating temperature range: -40°C(-40°F) to +70°C (+158°F)
  • Ideal Operating temperature range: +20°C (+68°F) to +32°C (+90°F)
  • Storage time from a fully charged condition: 24 months at 20°C / 68°F. For each 9°C / 15°F rise, reduce the storage time by half.

Designed in Quality Manufacturing

Advanced Germany technology and the use of the most modem computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques combine to make Everexceed’s Gellyte Range Batteries the ideal power solution for your applications. Each and every unit is capacity tested.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features

  • Deep cycle battery designed, GEL electrolyte with highly porous glass micro-fiber separator;
  • Sulfuric acid thixotropic gel, gel powder from Europe leading supplier to ensure the unique performance of gel battery;
  • Exceptional energy storage capacity combined with long life-BCI Classification;
  • Thick positive plate design for maximum service float life-12 years design life @ 20°C(68℉);
  • Thickness positive plate plus optimized plate alloy to anti-corrosion;
  • UL Recognized component;
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof;
  • Maintenance-free (no topping up) during the whole service life due to EverExceed GEL technology;
  • Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology applying active materials on both sides of the grid for consistent cell-to-cell performance, higher capacity and uniform grid protection.
  • Flame-arresting one-way pressure-relief vent for safe and long life;
  • Electrolyte in solid gel form will not stratify no equalization charge required;
  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy duty applications;
  • Fully tank formed grid Lead Calcium Tin plate ensures voltage matching between cells;
  • Shelf life up to 2 years at 20°C (68℉), very low gassing due to internal gas recombination;
  • Unique performance against high temperature.

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