Gel Series SG12 35-200

Cell Technology: Lead Acid (Gel)
Nominal Capacity: 110@1hr 144@10hr 166@10hr 200 Ah ~ 96.25@1hr 126@10hr 145.25@10hr 175 Ah
Region: UAE
Model no. :

Solar batteries are maintenance-free batteries with a special gel electrolyte made by mixing acid electrolyte with pyrogenic silica. The design uses pasted plate grids with a large surface area with grids casted from a special Lead-Calcium-Tin-Silver alloy that provides high corrosion resistance, and a special micro-porous synthetic separator.

Solar Gel batteries provide a much higher cyclic life compared to the AGM VRLA batteries and operate better in a partial state of charge and in high ambient temperatures. These characteristics make it an ideal choice for solar applications and UPS applications that face long power outages and high temperature conditions. It’s thus ideally designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

photon tech 37 Ah, 53 Ah, 58 Ah, 68 Ah, 46.75Ah@1hr 61.2Ah@10hr 70.55Ah@10hr 85Ah@20hr Ah, 55Ah@1hr 72Ah@10hr 83Ah@10hr 100Ah@20hr Ah, 68.75Ah@1hr 90Ah@10hr 103.75Ah@10hr 125Ah@20hr Ah, 82.5Ah@1hr 108Ah@10hr 124.5Ah@10hr 150Ah@20hr Ah, 96.25Ah@1hr 126Ah@10hr 145.25Ah@10hr 175Ah@20hr Ah, 110Ah@1hr 144Ah@10hr 166Ah@10hr 200Ah@20hr Ah Lead Acid (Gel) Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features


  • Design-life of 10 years at 27°C.
  • High-purity Lead-Calcium-Tin-Silver alloy for good corrosion resistance.
  • Microporous synthetic separators provide low electrical resistance.
  • Addition of phosphoric acid for improved cyclic life.
  • Cycle life of 500 cycles at 100% DoD and 1500 cycles at 40% DoD.
  • Very low thermal runaway effect due to silica gel composition.
  • High-purity material ensuring low self-discharge.
  • Completely leak proof and maintenance-free.
  • High impact ABS casing.

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