FSP’s 19” Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery

Cell Technology: Li-ion
Nominal Capacity: 56.7 Ah ~ 66 Ah
Nominal Energy: 2.654 ~ 3.4
Region: Taiwan
Model no. :

FSP’s 19” Rack-Mount Li-Ion Battery adopts highly reliable Lithium battery cells for long cycle
life (2000+) and consistent performances. The battery packs use advanced Battery
Management System (BMS) to enhance system performance, prolong life and warrant safety.
Each battery rack has its dedicated battery management circuitry and can be safely used
individually or in parallel (to increase capacity) as key storage element in a modern Energy
Storage System.
When used properly these battery racks can provide decade long usable life.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Inventory not available

Battery Features


  1. Parallelable for up to 10 packs (consult factory for more than 10)
  2. Real time monitoring of cell Voltages, module/ branch currents, cell temperatures.
  3. Individual battery branch control for extended availability
  4. Stable & reliable name-brand battery cells from fully automatic production lines.
  5. Monitoring battery status simultaneously
  6. Charge status detection
  7. Module capacity calculation
  8. Certification
    Cell: UL-1642 and UN38.3
    Module: CE EN62040-2:2006 & UN38.3

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