CRE2 Solar VRLA Batteries

From $60.0 / kWh
From $42.0 / Unit
Cell Technology: Lead Acid (AGM)
Nominal Capacity: 350 Ah ~ 500 Ah
Region: China
Discharge Time: 20 hours ~ 20 hours
Model no. :

Greencisco Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of global-leading manufacturer and integrator of power-supply equipment in China. Since established, in order to protect against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss, hardware damage and other power problems. Our company has focused its efforts on five application areas: ports and offices, oil and marine, Data centers and network, power grid and photovoltaic energy.
Our main products include Uninterruptible power supply, Inverters, Solar Power System, Solar Cleaning Robot, Battery chargers, stabilizers, Telecom rectifiers, DC-DC converters, Static frequency converters, Rotary frequency converters (Motor generator sets), Solar batteries, VRLA batteries, lithium batteries, Nickel cadmium batteries, OPzV batteries and so on. They are widely used in mobile telecommunication, banks, computers, network communication, shipyards, ship repair, ports, power plants, oil drill platform and chemistry industry, 10KV-500KV power substations, national grid, heavy industry, mines, energy and electricity, metro and railway system, satellite communication, military, Navy, offices.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Greencisco 350 Ah, 400 Ah, 450 Ah, 500 Ah Lead Acid (AGM) Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features


  • Adopt oxygen recombination technology
  • Maintenance free, no need of replenishing electrolyte
  • Used high quality AGM separator for long service life and preventing micro short circuit
  • Used ABS materials for increasing strength of battery container
  • Used high purity lead materials for less gassing and lower self dishcarge rate
  • Used silver-coated copper terminals and lead terminals to improve electric conductivity
  • High safety and reliability performance for transportation and application
  • Excellent protection for overcharge and overdischarge
  • Excellent performance for harsh environment
  • Excellent discharging performance
  • Excellent impact-proof performance
  • With excellent shock-proof performance
  • With small internal resistance
  • With environment friendliness
  • No leakage of electrolyte
  • No battery swelling or cracking

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