Auriga HP (120-200kVA) UPS

Cell Technology: Lead Acid (AGM)
Region: Italy
Model no. :

Auriga HP is the newest on-line double conversion Powertronix series. The UPS is available in 3 power ratings: 120kVA, 160kVA and 200kVA and it provides maximum safety power for a wide range of applications. The rectifier uses high frequency switching IGBTs, giving a very low input THDi (less than 3%) and a sinusoidal current absorption with powerfactor 1.

Up to 8 units can be connected in parallel for redundant operations or to increase power availability, providing an higher level of reliability for critical applications. One of the most important advantages is the high flexibility: Auriga HP can be configured in different settings according to the required input and output voltage and/or frequency. It can also be used as frequency converter 50/60 Hz and viceversa.

Auriga HP can be adapted to all the requirements with a wide choice of types and autonomies. Additional battery cabinets allow the runtime to be extended up to several hours.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Powertronix Lead Acid (AGM) Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features


  • Medical centers
  • IT networks
  • Enterprise servers
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial processes

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