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A48-40 Lithium Titanate (LTO)

Cell Technology: Other
Nominal Capacity: 40 Ah ~ 40 Ah
Nominal Energy: 1.93 ~ 1.93
Region: Australia
Model no. :

The Aeon Battery offers the most robust, safest, longest life and most cost effective solution available today. With a no frills design, the Aeon Battery is easy to install and can be expanded in the future to provide you with peace of mind in your storage investment.

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

Zenaji Pty. Ltd. 40 Ah Other Battery Capacity, Prices, Reviews.

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Battery Features

  • Lifetime Solution
    The Aeon battery lasts for 22,000 cycles, and has a tough weatherproof aluminium case providing a lifetime energy storage solution.
  • Superior Performance
    Each Aeon Battery provides 1.93kWh of energy storage. Superior cycling performance allows 3 cycles a day to take full advantage of your energy production and off peak energy pricing plan.
  • Smart Design
    Simple inside or outside installation, easily mounted on a wall, with a space efficient design and modern aesthetics (comes with mounting brackets)

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