【Model 40€/per】BCS3450-B-H

Cell Technology: Other
Region: China
Warranty: 2 Years
Model no. :

Three-phase Energy Storage Converter (Isolated Type)

1500Vdc Containerized Energy Storage & Transformer Turnkey System

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features


  • Highly integrated
    ● Efficient layout to improve space utilization
    ● Secondary circuit integration, unified measurement, protection and communication
    ● Integrated design of “converter” and “step-up” to realize the integrated delivery of products
  • Lean intelligence
    ● Unified external communication interface, support IEC61850
    ● Integrated data acquisition and optical fiber network, intelligent operation management
    ● H/LVRT function, high adaptation ability to the grid
  • Efficient and stable
    ● Advanced ANPC three-level topology, max. converter efficiency 99.03%
    ● Adapt to high temperature, salt, and extreme cold etc. environment
    ● 1.1 times long-term overload, 45ºC full load operation
  • Flexible configuration
    ● Support multi-machine parallel connection, VSG, PQ, VF, cold start and other functions
    ● Wide DC voltage range for 1500V system
    ● Various applications such as peak shaving, frequency modulation, auxiliary grid connection for new energy system, etc.

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