48V 100AH Power Bank Compatible with popular in…

From $176 / kWh
From $900 / Unit
Cell Technology: Li-ion
Nominal Energy: 5 ~ 5
Region: China
Warranty: 5 Years
Model no. :

Enables Balanced Distribution of Energy

It distributes power in a balanced and ideal way through microgrids and has an extended storage capacity.

An Independent Source of Power

It is mostly used alongside solar panels to store power; it is a compact size lightweight home battery that reduces your reliance on the grid power by storing solar power inside it and then using it when the sunlight is no longer present. The most important part is that you can always add additional storage units for your home, office, and other projects and prepare them for a long power outage.

Monitor and Optimize

You can always monitor your solar energy in real-time and customize the power distribution depending upon your preference.

Modern Design

It has a minimalistic design and a compact size with an easy installation guide. It has a versatile all-in-one mounting option for indoor and as well as outdoor usage.

Flexibility and Compatibility

• Easy to install with simple connections

• Capacity extends up to 25KWH

• It is compatible with various global inverters

• Long cycle life

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Product Info The minimum quantity order is a 20Ft container.

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Battery Features


    • Easy to install with simple connection

    • Capacity Extends to 25KWH

    • CAN2.0/RS485/External Display

    • Installation: Floor/Wall mounted

    • Compatible with various global top inverters

    • High Energy Density


    • High safety grade of battery

    • Long cycle life

    • Advanced BMS Protection

    • Max 5A equalization current

    • Within 10mv voltage difference between cells

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