Ni-Cd Battery Wholesale | Prices, Size, Weight of Ni-Cd Solar Battery Bank

Ranges of information

  • Min Warranty: 2 Year ~ 5 Years
  • Cell Capacity: 30Ah ~ 1700Ah
  • Weight: 066 kg ~ 95 kg

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Ni-Cd Batteries

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What are Ni-Cd batteries?

Ni-Cd batteries are made of nickel and cadmium. Nickel is a silvery-white metal that is found in the earth's crust. Cadmium is a bluish-white metal that is found in zinc ores. It was invented in 1889 by a Swedish scientist & became commercially available in the early 1900s. It is really popular to date for its 1.2v thumb size long-lasting battery that is used in a lot of household appliances. Also having the ability to be rechargeable made a breakthrough compared to its competitor the dry cell zinc carbon batteries which don’t have the ability to be recharged & used again.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Ni-Cd Batteries?


  • 1-Durability: Ni-Cd Batteries are well known in industrial applications for their durability in terms of charging & temperature changes either due to the surrounding environment or due to the high discharge rate applied on them.
  • 2-Maintenance: Ni-Cd Batteries in general has lower maintenance cost than lead acid batteries making them more economical in operation.
  • 3-working Lifetime: Ni-Cd Batteries can reach a working life that can exceed 13 years or 3500 charging cycles making it a long-lasting battery for industrial solutions.


  • 1-Environmental Impact: Ni-Cd are toxic materials in certain concentrations making them dangerous to recycle or even get near its material when doing Ni-Cd battery maintenance. Moreover, they are not environmentally friendly which makes them banned in some countries like the EU.
  • 2-Self Discharge: Ni-Cd Batteries are well known to have high self-discharge rates in most of the situations especially when left not used it rapidly lose power making it very hard to maintain its stored battery if not used in its charge & discharge cycles

What are the use cases of Ni-Cd Batteries?

  • 1-Emergency lighting: Ni-Cd Batteries are used in flashlights that can be powered for a long time while also using it in emergency lamps for blackouts.
  • 2- Solar lighting: outdoor solar lights are applications that are in extensive use of Ni-Cd Batteries due to their rechargeability & lifetime making them a perfect fit for such applications.
  • 3-Micro communications: most of the residential unit’s intercoms & door locks are useless when electrical power is out which is why Ni-Cd Batteries can back up such devices till the electricity is back with no interruptions.