About SolarFeeds Digital

OUR Mission

To reduce a major pain point in the solar equipment procurement process for suppliers and buyers and to help push the transition to clean, renewable energy forward.

We’re well into the 21st century with powerful digital tools at our fingertips, yet the solar equipment procurement process remains antiquated. Most solar contractors and developers still have to visit multiple suppliers’ websites and/or call them—one by one. They have to spend valuable time submitting multiple RFQ forms and have to request quotes via email to find the equipment they need.. Some may turn to sites like Alibaba, which aren’t tailored to the solar industry’s needs.

SF Market is tailor-made for the solar industry to connect distributors and manufacturers with buyers. It simplifies the process of submitting and responding to RFQs, allows buyers to see multiple prices from different potential suppliers, and allows suppliers to submit multiple bids. Easing the procurement process for both sides.

Who is SF Market for?

Through SF Market solar developers, installers and EPC contractors can get pricing for their specific projects and needs from a number of vetted manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.

Through SF Market manufacturers and distributors can sell off and liquidate excess inventory to preferred and proven, pre-qualified buyers privately and securely. We protect sellers’ public market pricing and margins by connecting buyers and sellers directly

What sets us apart?

  • With a decentralized office structure, our team members are able to offer specialized, regional assistance to our customers, and we can embrace a global recruiting strategy as we grow, while also ensuring our carbon emissions and global footprint are minimal and we can stay competitive.


  • We offer a learning center for solar professionals who want to keep up to date on the latest information impacting them. Our experts and leaders share important solar industry insights, policy updates, and up-to-date best practices with our clients via our blog.

Our team

Willie Jiang

Willie didn’t find his previous work meaningful but amassed a great deal of marketing experience across a variety of sectors over the years. As he sharpened these skills, he realized he could use them to help with the transition to clean energy by helping to improve the solar equipment procurement process.

Alice Ding

Alice graduated from Waterloo University with a Computational Mathematics degree. She constantly works with our product and marketing teams to continually improve the user experience at SF Market.

Ilia Slavin
(Managing Partner)

As the de facto “VP of Biz Dev”, Ilia has recently entered the solar industry with a background in data science and marketing. He believes that harnessing the power of the sun will be the solution to our energy crisis and will end our dependence on fossil fuels. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors as much as possible, fishing and going on hikes in the forest.

Jawad Ali
(Frontend Developer)

Jawad Ali is certainly a better Pakistani coder than Dinesh Chugtai from the Silicon Valley show.

Kristine Marie Morente
(Admin/Data entry)

Kristine, a Filipino member of the SF Market team, is like solar energy itself in that she performs a lot of functions for the team. She is responsible for most of the team’s admin-related tasks. As the youngest member of the team, Kristine knows that solar energy is one of the keys to stopping climate change.

Abdul Ahad
(UI/UX Designer)

Ahad ali is a multi-skilled experienced product/UX designer. “Ahad believes in design thinking” and passionate about improving the lives of other through designs and its constantly looking to learn new things every day.


Shashi Kant
(Full Stack Developer)

Shashi primarily focuses on the development of Solarfeeds and uses modern technologies  to achieve these efforts.

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Nirav Panchal
(QA Specialist)

“Quality is not an act it is a habit.” Nirav always follows this in my personal and professional life as well.  Being a QA Engineer,  do no make compromises in the Quality of the product.


Joe Yan
(Account Manager)

Joe is our ears and eyes in our supplier’s factories in China. He has 10+ years working in solar supply chain managing and currently responsible for sourcing qualified equipment suppliers.