Industrialdesign students at the Seoul National University of Technology, Ju HoYoung and Kim Sung Uk, have tried to incorporate the latest in solarpanel technology in zero-emission car powered by electricity. Solar-powered cars are nothing new for us, but the technology the designers of Solus have tried to use does seem promising and market ready.


Thebody of the car is made of transparent material, which allows sunlightto reach the solar panels mounted along the inner surface of the car’sbody. The inner solar panels consist of individual solar cells, whichare made of light amplified material, making them more efficient.


Thesecells are then placed on a hexagonal structure, which not only makesthe system efficient but also minimizes the damage caused in case of acollision. These cells fuel a pack of on-board batteries, which powerthe electric motors incorporated in the wheels of the car.


Thanks: [Kim Sung Uk]