You’re Doing it Wrong! Your Rooftop Solar Panels Aren’t Facing the Right Way

should solar panels face south?Rootop solar power is a booming business in the United States. It’s getting easier and easier to do financially and technologically. But the least technological aspect of the process, physically putting panels on a roof, may need to be rethought according to Opower, a utility data specialist.

Its findings not only show that rooftop solar might benefit from a truly minor “tweak,” but also proves just how important properly vetted utility data can be to the utility industry.
Go south!
Most rooftop solar systems are pointed south. This is to ensure that they get as much sunlight as possible — at some points more than needed. Opower, which collects customer usage data from 28 of the 50 largest U.S. utilities, found that 93% of 25,000 rooftop solar systems it tracks in the western United States send power back to the grid.


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