Yingli Green Energy (YGE) Signs Sales Agreement With China Mobile, Will Supply Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. With PV Modules

Yingli Green Energy just announced that it has signed a salesagreement with China Mobile’s Shanxi subsidiary. China Mobile isbuilding a video monitoring system in Shanxi to help catch forestfires, and Yingli will provide them with off-grid PV modules to helppower the system.  Under the contract, Yingli will provide a total of269 units, which will provide .49 MW of power.

At the same time, Yingli announced that it has been chosen byHuawei, a Chinese telecommunications company, to provide PV modules topower its base stations.

In a company press release, Mr. Liansheng Miao, the company’s chairman and CEO, commented on the deals:

"We are very pleased to continue to enhance our businessrelationships with China Mobile and Huawei. As one of the first solarcompanies in China, we established business relationships with ChinaMobile in 2003 and with Huawei in 2004. These recent wins furtherdemonstrate our solid position as a qualified PV module and systemsupplier in China. Driven by the launch of the new PV applicationincentive policy and the increased focus on environmental protection inChina, we expect to benefit from a strong period of growth in theChinese PV industry."

Mr. Miao continued, "The industry has experienced increased marketdemand for a variety of reasons, including the easing of theseasonality in Europe, considerable progress in clean energy incentivepolicy legislation in the United States and China, and a visible changeof industry sentiment boosted by the successful Intersolar Conferencehosted in Munich, Germany, last month."

"We have experienced a substantial increase in demand since thestart of the year and expect to see at least a 70% increase inshipments in the second quarter over our shipments in the firstquarter. In addition, our competitive cost structure, combined withlower prices of polysilicon in the spot market and under our long-termpolysilicon supply contracts, gives us confidence in our ability toachieve the previously stated second quarter gross margin target, whichis in the estimated range of 18% to 20%," Mr. Miao concluded.

Yingli Green Energy (YGE) Signs Sales Agreement With China Mobile, Will Supply Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. With PV Modules



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