Yana solar Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

With fossil fuels diminishing, the future does need vehicles fueledby clean electricity. However, since a major percentage of electricitystill comes from conventional sources, the environmental benefits ofelectric cars are debatable. Designers have started their efforts inproviding stunning designs that will be able to help EV owners chargetheir rides with renewable energy, ensuring CO2-free mobility.

The Yana solarcharging station is an EV charger that is fueled exclusively bysolar energy. The system’s 12 photovoltaic panels feed solar energy into a large redox-flow battery, which ensure that energy is also availableat night or during bad weather.

The battery stores 100KWh and provides 10KW of power. The Yana isequipped with an intelligent electrical connector system that enablescommunication between the outlet and an external service by means of aGSM modem.

Via: Younicos


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