XsunX To Focus On Tech, Marketing And Sales

XsunX Inc., a developer of thin-film solar photovoltaic technologies,has released a strategic plan under which the company will move awayfrom in-house manufacturing and focus on technology development,marketing and sales.

In addition, XsunX intends to enter intomanufacturing supply or licensing agreements with solar PVmanufacturers to service its existing sales agreements and new salesopportunities. The company says it will either create joint businessagreements, contract for production services or license its proprietarytechnologies.

"With the high costs required to establish andmaintain in-house manufacturing operations, we believe that leveragingand adapting the use of existing infrastructure available from othercompanies is a very attractive option," states Tom Djokovich, XsunXCEO. "This plan allows us to reduce start-up and operating costs,better service or assist partners in servicing new regions, andrefocuses resources towards the development and deployment of new solarPV technologies through multiple partners."


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