Xiris intros flexible thin film inspection

Xiris Automation Inc., a 20 year veteran in the machine vision industry, has developed TFI-FLEX, an inspection system used for detecting defects in Flexible Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells.

Designed for in-linequality control use by manufacturers of Flexible Thin Film Cells,TFI-FLEX is capable of detecting defects in surface quality and chemical deposition of cells at multiple points along a production line.

The TFI-FLEX Inspection System performs visual checks on the activated side of a flexible thin film cell, looking for defects that are specific toquality issues arising from the handling and manufacture of thin filmcells, including topological defects such as scratches, bumps and dents; and print/deposition defects such as chemical deposition flaws, stains, spots, watermarks, fingerprints, and color variations.

Thesystem uses a proprietary method of acquiring images with very lowoptical distortion in color and/or monochrome mode, detecting defectsthat are much smaller than 1 mm in size. TFI-FLEX is an important newtool for inspecting cells after deposition, after laser etching, afterprinting, and after final environmental coating of the cells.

The system can easily be retrofitted into existing lines and can beconfigured to include multiple inspection modules (each with asolution-optimized design).

Xiris Automation Inc. specializes indeveloping high-end machine vision systems used for Quality Controlinspection applications in the Optical Media, Tube and Pipe andPhotovoltaic industries.


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