WSJ Names Top Ten Cleantech Companies

The Wall Street Journal recently conducted their own survey ofventure-backed clean technology companies.  The rankings werecalculated by applying a set of financial criteria to 350 cleantechcompanies.

"Companies that make everything from fuel-cell technologies tocarbon-management software were analyzed according to four financialcriteria:  The track records of success for both a company’s foundersand management and for the investors on its board, the amount ofcapital raised in the last three years, and the percentage change in acompany’s valuation in the 12 months ended Nov. 30, 2009.  Dow Jonesreporters and editors who cover the venture capital industry alsoprovided their perspective and expertise beyond the numbers."

The cleantech field is expanding to include more and more companies; infact, some investments in cleantech are becoming quite the conservativeinvestment choice, its fossil fuels that are becoming more risky andvolatile.  The WSJ Top Ten list is meager at best, suggesting 10companies in only a few cleantech sectors.  For a more complete pictureof the cleantech industry than the WSJ offers, go here.

The Top 10 venture-backed clean technology companies in the WSJ survey were:

  1. Solyndra
  2. Suniva
  3. eSolar
  4. RecycleBank
  5. Boston-Power
  6. Fisker Automotive
  7. eMeter
  8. Serious Materials
  9. Silver Springs Networks
  10. Tesla Motors

Source: WSJ




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