World’s Most Sustainable Building Coming to China

wuhan new energy centre wihan energy flower_1

Grontmij and Soeters VanEldonk Architects have won an international design competition andtaken up the responsibility to develop the Wuhan New Energy Center inWuhan China. The development is a research institute in the field of new energy sources and sustainability.

wuhan new energy centre wihan energy flower_2

When complete, the flower-shaped building, dubbed the Wuhan EnergyFlower, will be the first building in the world to receive the BREEMoutstanding accreditation. Construction will begin in November thisyear. The Calla lily inspired building will have zero carbon emissionsand aims for a zero energy status as well. The building will be about140m tall and will be surrounded by laboratories in the form of leaves.

wuhan new energy centre wihan energy flower_3

The roof of the flower consists mainly of solar panels to generaterenewable electricity. Rainwater is also collected in the bowl and usedto supply water to the building. The characteristic pistil consists ofvertical axis wind turbines that will also collect renewable energy.

wuhan new energy centre wihan energy flower_4

The rim of the bowl is the sunroof that has been designed to heatand cool the building. The building is characterized by the principle of natural ventilation, with the central solar chimney designed tomaximize natural air ventilation.



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