World’s Largest Solar Park Coming to South Africa

solar power

South Africa has unveiled plans for the world’s largest solar powerplant, which will help generate about 5GW of electrical power. Expectedto cost about £18.42bn, the project will be a mix of latest solartechnologies and will include giant mirrors and solar panels in Northern Cape. Generating one-tenth of the country’s present energy needs, thesolar plant will also help reduce carbon emissions.

South Africa, which generate about 90 percent of its electricityneeds from coal-fired power plants, aims to get solar power from theproject by the end of 2012. In the initial phase the plant would produce about 1GW of electrical power, which will then be increased to 5GW. Aninitial 9000 hectares of land has been earmarked for the park withfurther sites in the “solar corridor” being explored.

The area marked for the development of the plant is among thesunniest 3 percent of regions in the world with minimal cloud cover orrain. The area is considered even better than the Sahara Desert becausethere are no sandstorms here.

Via: Guardian



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