World’s largest solar cooking system in India feeds 20,000 pilgrims daily

solar cooker

Indiahas been working on to escalate the use of solar energy in the country.Previously news surfaced that India is planning to develop solar plants, which will have a combined output of 200GW and now the country is boasting the development of the world’s largest solar steam cooking system that has been installed in Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra.

Thesystem, built at the cost of about $280,000 uses solar energy toconvert water into 3,500kg of steam daily, which is then used to cookfood for the pilgrims visiting the shrine of 19th century saint SaiBaba. The system can feed up to 20,000 people per day and can saveabout 100,000kg of cooking gas annually. Of the total cost needed toinstall the system about 43% was paid by the government.

Via: Treehugger


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