World’s largest mobile solar power system hits movie sets

Read thisnice piece in the Mother Nature Network about our S48 Mobile Solar PowerSystem – the World’s Largest Mobile Solar Power System – and the goodwork it’s doing in the entertainment industry. 

1 Tonne Co2 300x224 World’s largest mobile solar power system hits movie sets
Here’s one image of what a ton of CO2 really looks like

If you’ve been following Pure Power, you already know that the “48?avoids (does not produce) a ton or more of Carbon Dioxide each day thatis ordinarily produced by a big diesel generator. The S48 – built on a48-foot trailer (the classic “18-wheeler” trailer) and with its largesolar panel array and interconnected series of batteries, the 48 needsonly a single driver operator, and runs clean and quiet.

In fact, on its current production running the base camp of a feature film here in LA, the 48 is actually running 24/7, with a reduced loadthrough the night. That means the carbon savings are far more than aton, each day, along with the large amounts of the 40 carcinogeniccompounds that are ordinarily put into the atmosphere by dieselgenerators.