World’s First Triple-Layered Solar Panel Developed by RSLE

triple layered solar panel1

It’s overwhelming to see the world switch towards clean energy forpower. Solar panels are a great way to go green, but as all good thingshave their own share of drawback this amazing source of renewable energy too has one. Normally solar panels are capable of trapping nearly15percent of the sun’s rays. Enters RoseStreet LabsEnergy Inc., a firm that focuses on the development and productionof high efficiency thin film photovoltaics, which claims to havedeveloped solar panels that can increase the total efficiency to morethan 35percent.

triple layered solar panel2

RSLE’s thin film solar panels feature three separate layers of PVcells integrated into one panel and each layer traps a different part of the sun’s spectrum. As of now, the company uses its IBand technology to achieve such high efficiencies, but expects to push it even further bycoupling it with mirroring or thermal technology. The commercializationof the product would not be seen before three to four years, but once it hits the market will revolutionize the renewable energy industry.

triple layered solar panel3

Via: Inhabitat



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